Kunal Shah

Tech Stack

08 April, 2019

Updated on February 20, 2020

One of the most frequent conversations I have with other engineers is that in response to "What's your tech stack?". This post is an attempt to put my response in one place, with links and occasional code snippets to demonstrate what I mean.



  • React for composable UI components, typically bootstrapped with create-react-app.
  • Gatsby for static site development, including this site.
  • Next for server-side rendering, hot-reloading in development, file-system routing and automatic code-splitting. Works like a charm with now.
  • Typescript for modern syntactical features and type-checking component props .

Web Styles



  • Now: Discovering and using now is an absolute delight for front-end projects, so much so that I find myself fervently opposed to almost every other tool. Just type in now and you'll immediately deploy an https-secured, immutable instance of your application on the global CDN. However, I've moved away from deploying backend web services to now, finding the start-up latency issues of serverless deployments too slow to bear. Alternatives: Surge, Netlify.
  • ⭐️ Render: So easy, it makes me wonder why I had ever previously entertained Heroku or AWS. Create a repo, connect Render to Github, push to master, and BAM you have a working deployment that updates with every pull request. Alternatives: Heroku, AWS.