Recent Projects

Graphql Authentication Server

A Graphql authentication server boilerplate built on node and express that allows users to sign up with a username and password and create their own data.

React Hooks Demo App

A create-react-app demonstrating the use the stateful operations in React without defining Class Components by using the recent React HooksAPI proposal in React 16.7.0-alpha.

Hackernews Clone

Node.js GraphQL app with a database later built on top of Prisma. The client is bootstrapped with create-react-app and uses theApollo Client for Javascriptto interface with the server.
It's a hackernews clone, naturally.

Movie Converter

A desktop application that converts videos on your desktop into a format of your choice. Built with Electron, React, Redux, Webpack, and Babel.

Rice Blockchain

The official website of the Rice Blockchain Club.
Built with HTML, CSS, and jQuery.

Wiess College

The Official website of Wiess College at Rice University.
Built with HTML, CSS, and jQuery.

Task Timer

A desktop tray application that displays and counts down a timer for designated tasks in your task bar. Built with React, Redux, Electron, Webpack and Material UI.